ojoVoz: an open source mobile/web platform for the collaborative creation of maps and community memories

ojoVoz is an open source mobile/web platform that allows a group of people to collaboratively create dynamic, audiovisual documentation and maps of their common interests and concerns.

with the ojoVoz app (android) you can create messages consisting of an image, a sound recording, tags and geographic information, and upload them to a shared website.

the ojoVoz web platform allows you to browse your messages. you can also visualize them on a map, filter them by tag, person or group, or edit them.

* easy to use
* designed for environments with low or no connectivity
* multi-language (en/es) -- more languages may be added
* install the ojoVoz web platform on your server and own your data
* open source


get the ojoVoz user manual here [pdf]
click on images to enlarge:

to test ojoVoz, use the following parameters:
* server url: http://sautiyawakulima.net/prueba
* phone id: test

all your uploaded messages will appear in the ojoVoz sandbox

for the ojoVoz web platform documentation, please check the github repository

ojoVoz projects

Sauti ya wakulima [video]
Ja moojk jë wyeen
Red de residuos sólidos
Malacachtepec Momoxco

Sauti ya wakulima [close]


ojoVoz manual [close]



info [at] ojovoz [dot] net